Looking to upgrade your current hearing aids? It's the perfect time to do so because advances in digital technology have taken hearing aids to a whole new level. They can do so much more and are significantly smaller than even a few years ago. And they can automatically adapt to changing environments and reproduce sound more naturally than ever before.

Today's hearing aids have advanced features like:

Automatic Feedback Reduction

Automatically controls annoying whistling sounds that are often noticed in older hearing aids.

Data Logging

Provides an electronic record of your hearing aids use. This data helps us fine tune the hearing aids to best fit your lifestyle and environment.

Digital Noise Reduction

Minimizes the annoyance and discomfort that comes from loud or sharp sounds especially when trying to listen in noisy environments.

Directional Microphones

Allows you to focus on the sounds you want to hear by reducing background sounds. This often makes it easier to understand conversations in noisy environments.


Minimizes annoying and unwanted softer sounds (like fans).

Input Signal Classification & Automatic Program Switching

Recognizes the type of listening situation you’re in and automatically adjusts to the optimal settings for that situation.

Learning Capabilities

Allows the user to 'train' their hearing aids to adjust to the environments they most often find themselves in.

Multiple Channels of Compression

Helps restore soft speech sounds like 's's and whispers.

Multiple Memories

Enables your hearing aid to be programmed with a variety of settings for different listening situations: crowds, conversations, watching TV or movies, etc.

Rechargeable Power

Enables hearing aid to be powered with a charging unit instead of batteries.

Remote Control

Lets you quickly and easily make adjustments without having to touch or remove your hearing aid.

Wireless Bluetooth Capability

Allows your hearing aid to be used in conjunction with Bluetooth–enabled cell phones, mp3 players, and other audio devices.

Wireless Coupling

For people using two hearing aids, this feature ensures they’re working and reacting together.

Your Sonus® Hearing Care Professional can explain these new advances to you and find just the right combination of features to suit your hearing needs.

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